Joanna Kruza
Malowidła i Dekoracyjne Techniki Ścienne


 Murals inside are executed in various techniques ? it can be fresco (on lime plaster) or the most common presently, acrylic technique. Non-toxic and odorless, cleanable in the case of interior being used by children. Murals inside give the interior a unique character and an ambience. It?s possible to transfer the popular cartoon characters onto a wall as well as individual, own project adjusted to the interior and expectation of a client.

Decorated interiors can be either appartments and private houses ? dinettes, kitchens, nurseries - as well as public utility premises  - coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, doctor?s offices, veterinary office and more.

Mural realisation offer is not limited only to interiors and decorative function; can be related to exterior advertising. Also, is not limited to the wall as a support. Cause I apply murals on different supports, such as: floors, mirrors, glass ? e.g. display window - metal, canvas, wood ? e.g. furniture.

  MURALS Clouds

  MURALS Vases

  MURALS Grapes

  MURALS Jungle

  MURALS Sea fruits

  MURALS For sport equipment store

  MURALS Garden shed

  MURALS Rainbow

  MMURALS sheep

  MURALS jungle for toddler

  MURALS little animals for toddler

  MURALS beach